Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to get this blog started and share all this amazing information with you! Here's a little summary of what to expect from this blog:

This is a place to find information on zero/reducing waste, homemade household products, DIY projects, healthy/yummy recipes, gardening, composting, self sufficiency, sustainability and whatever else I feel fits in!

There will be other contributors from time to time, making posts about similar subjects. Anyone is welcome to submit information to me, or work something out to become a contributor on the blog. I want this to be an open place for sharing useful information.

I want to make sure and say that I don't claim to be an expert on these matters, though I do take the time to research and experiment before posting. Also, remember, I am a human being and I don't always follow ALL of the ideas and practices discussed here. ;)

Now, a little about myself:
I am Claire Mundell, a born and raised Kansan. After getting my associate degree in Horticulture, I began working at a locally owned garden center (here in Lawrence, Ks) where I have been working for almost 2 years. Last year I also began making and selling jewelry in my Etsy shop, Moondial Gypsy. I am incredibly passionate about finding alternatives ways to be less wasteful- to save money, our health, and our Earth. I also think it is incredibly rewarding to hand-make the things you use everyday. More recently I have been trying to eat a vegan diet, so I will be sharing those recipes with you all.

I hope to not have a conventional job in the future and make money doing things I love! I dream of buying an RV and travelling the country with my gentleman sir (Adam) and pup (Jolene).
I will sell my makin’s, give hula hoop lessons, and work farm jobs and Adam will play music while we are on the road. When we tire of traveling constantly, I want to start a small farm and build our own Earthship. :) Sort of like these:

(Okay maybe not that extravagant.) ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you find the posts to come as useful and inspiring as I do. Check back soon!

love & light,

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  1. You share my dream of having a farm!
    How awesome :)

    - Danielle xo