Shopping Mindfully

So, one of the biggest ways we bring waste into our homes is through grocery shopping. I'd like to share some ways to avoid the extra waste:
  • Write grocery lists on old receipts, scrap paper, junk mail, etc.
  • Bring your own shopping bags, mesh produce bags, and bulk bags.
  • Buy from bulk dispensaries - no packaging, weeee!!
    • Look for liquids in bulk too. You may be able to find items such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, syrup, honey, and olive oil. Just bring your own refillable glass bottles.
    • Remember, when you bring your own bulk bags and glass containers you need to get a tare weight. They need to be weighed at customer services or a checkout before filling them up. It's easiest to just write the tare weight on the container with permanent marker or wax pencils. Use washable markers to write the item numbers on your bags and containers.
  • If you buy meat and cheese, buy them at the deli and bring your own jars/containers to put them in.
    • Ask your local grocery store; some won't do it. (Locally, I have found that The Merc will.)
  • Buy bread at the bakery and use a cloth bag.
    • Try making your own bread. (My recipe here!)
Homemade Whole Wheat Bread with Agave!
  • Buy non-packaged produce.
    • Better yet, get your produce at your local farmers' market - None of those pesky stickers, and you're supporting the local farmers!! :)
  • If food is out of season, remember to try canning some yourself for the next year (I'll have a tomato canning tutorial with my Grandma, one day this year!)
  • If you have to buy something in a container, try to get glass. It's much more easily recycled.
    • Look for local dairy farms that sell milk in refillable glass bottles.
  • Bring your own jar to local, family-owned, or specialty stores to fill up on items such as ice cream, candy, dog treats, etc. Just ask if they will allow you to do it first.
  • Buy refillable "adult beverages."
    • Get beer from your local brewery and refill that growler!
    • Call local wineries to see if they will refill bottles.
      • Screw or flip top bottles are the least wasteful.
    • Brew your own! It's fun!

I hope you find this post helpful! Do you have any shopping suggestions to share??

love & light,

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